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Have you ever wondered if you overpay every time you buy rather than rent? Do we really need all the things that we bought, when it would be cheaper to simply rent them? When the married couple buys or takes out a mortgage, an apartment, the society supports them, or at least understands. Young family wants to equip their nest, wants the stability, so that the children have a place to live, and they have something to pass on. And in any case, the real estate is one of the few more or less reliable ways to invest. In the end, if you have the means, why not buy an apartment? Let’s ask the opinion of the CEO of Pimlico Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/pimlico-escorts.


He, the director of Pimlico Escorts, will not even consider some examples of wealthy people who don’t buy their own apartments, and live in a rented one. Apartments now have prices that are too high, it is understood even by people who don’t have deep knowledge in the fields of real estate and construction. If we calculate the cost of an apartment (even if it is $ 200-500 thousand), and compare it with the lease (let it be $ 10 million per year, or $ 500 thousand in 50 years), it would appear that the cost of buying and renting are roughly comparable. Of course, the possession of the apartment, as well as the lease, has obvious advantages and disadvantages. The trouble is only in the fact that owning in fact is the same renting.

The main argument of this director of Pimlico Escorts is for how long will the house you bought last for? If you think that after 50 years your apartment will be all right, you’re wrong. In general, very few homes outlive their owners. So, buying an apartment is like a long-term leasing. No wonder that in China, when you buy an apartment, you only own it for 70 years.

A person living in the world of instability is willing to pay double the price for at least some guarantees – suggests the CEO of Pimlico Escorts. When buying an apartment, we hope that we will never be evicted from there, and that the design of the house could be done the way you like it, without entering into disputes with the owner. When buying a car, we want to be sure that when necessary, it will always be available. And we buy new clothes for the same reason – to make sure that it is up to us when to wear it, and that no one was wearing it before and never will.


Director of Pimlico Escorts states, that everyone has 24 hours in a day. How much time you can devote to your property? A couple of hours to the car, 10 hours to the suit, a few hours on the phone and e-book, 20 minutes on bike. The rest of the time, these things are not used, while someone else could use them. But you pay for full time – is it an overpayment?


CEO of Pimlico Escorts tells, that when we buy something that can be rented, we pay more for a feeling of confidence. And this feeling often has little to do with reality, as in the case of disasters, wars and earthquakes, your house would be destroyed anyways – there are no guarantees. Therefore, suggests the director of Pimlico Escorts, if you see a person who lives peacefully in a rented house – respect him. He probably has a lot of patience, as he doesn’t need guarantees.

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