What Kind of Friends Do You Keep

Who are your best friends? When you work for a London escorts service, you may find that your friendship circle is rather limited. Most of my friend work for the London escorts service that I work for, or they are sort of a little bit “hooky” as we say in London. That means that they are sort of on the borderline of a more sort of criminal side of life. For instance, they may not pay as much as tax as they should and only deal in cash. Most of the guys I have dated since I have been with London escorts of https://cityofeve.org have come from that walk of life as it were.


It can be hard to make friends outside of London escorts. Many of the men that I have met on nights out with the girls from London escorts totally misunderstand what it means to work for a London escorts service. To them, you are only a Sugar babe or sexy kitten to be played with if you know what I mean. It is difficult to make female friends as well. I have never met a girl who has not looked down on me a little bit when I have told that I work for an escort agency.


This is why London escorts are rather a close knitted team. You hang out with the girls you work with at your escort agency, or you meet up with girls who work for other London escorts. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons girls stay working within the escort industry in London, or pick up other adult careers when they decide to move on and do something different. I guess what you do for a living is a reflection on your entire lifestyle.


Working for a London escort service is a special experience. While most people in London probably work during the day, I don’t start my shift until late afternoon. Then I carry on working up until midnight. Sometimes, I may even work all night and not finish until the first office workers make their way into London. That is another reason why it is so hard to make friends outside of London escorts. I like to have other friends, but I do appreciate the limitations of my chosen career.


More than anything I like to have a boyfriend. Some of the men I meet at London escorts are nice guys, but I do keep my distance. Sure, there are a lot of men who think they would like to have a London escort as their own private girlfriend. Unfortunately, most of these relationships don’t work out in the long run. I have learned to put my personal feelings on hold. Hopefully one day I will be able to change the friendship circle I have at the moment. It would be nice to meet a decent guy who does not think that you are some sort of sex object or dolly bird. I am sure my knight in shining armour is out there riding around on his white stallion. 

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